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Smoke $ 69.99
Clear - No Return $ 69.99
Chrome $ 129.99
Mossy Oak Break-Up $ 119.99
Realtree Hardwoods HD $ 119.99
Advantage Wetlands $ 119.99
Dodge Ram - Dakota - 3pc Smoke $ 89.99
Dodge Ram - Dakota - 3pc Chrome $ 139.99
Dodge Ram - Dakota - Mossy Oak Break-Up $ 129.99
Dodge Ram - Dakota - Realtree Hardwoods HD $ 129.99
Dodge Ram - Dakota - Advantage Wetlands $ 129.99

Hood Protectors 300 Series

Hood Protector 300 series from Stampede. This is a full hood, windshield and fender protector. Aerodynamic design with a revers "flip" and full wrap to protect fenders.

Fast Installation
Most applications install into OEM holes or use automotive approved 3M Red Tape. All hardware and easy to follow instructions included.

Stand-away design
Hood protectors don't rest against the finished surfaces. This prevents paint damage to your vehicles hood.

Flexibility and Strength
Made of durable ABS which will bend but not break, to absorb road vibrations without fracturing.

Custom SeatCovers

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