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Custom Mask $ 57.99

Front Deflector Masks

The hood protector with a built-in bug deflector. At the top of the hood curve we've added a reinforced bug deflector to create a swirling wind action that will divert most bugs, dirt and debris away from the windshield. Unlike hard plastic bug deflectors, our Deflector-Protector can be removed in minutes and stored in the trunk or behind the seat in a pickup. There's no holes to drill or hardware to attach, it installs quickly and easily using an envelope design and tightening strap under the hood to hold it securely in place.

Quality features you'll find in every mask:

  • Protective air intake screens are an integral part of the mask, not separate, and they are sewn into the outside of the mask so there are no loose pieces of material inside to abrade the paint surface.

  • Covered aluminum tabs allow adjustment at the fender wells as vinyl expands and contracts due to temperature. Take a look at a non-adjustable mask being driven down the road and you'll see why this is an important feature.

  • Reinforced air foils prevent flapping and lift. Very few patterns don't require this feature, there is just too much air whipping around the front of your vehicle as it goes down the road, like cross-winds and back drafts from passing semi trucks.

  • We use a micro-perforated finish on our vinyl. It allows the mask to "breath" and permits moisture vapor to evaporate when the vehicle is driven in wet weather. Still, if a mask becomes wet and is going to be left sitting in the sun we recommend it be removed to allow the backing to dry properly.

  • Our heavy-gauge leather grain vinyl has a soft, protective backing. We use white non-woven fleece so you can easily see when it's time to clean the back-side of the mask.

  • Seams are overlapped and finished with a strong, durable top stitch. Edges are covered with soft, non-abrasive felt-rimmed bindings.

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